Diegstr R Channel

HEY WHATS UP and welcome to my channel. In my channel you will be seeing a variety of content, but I mostly upload tutorials, commentaries and sometimes some gameplay. I try to upload every 2-3 days if you don't see a video in that time period, then I'm most likely busy with something else like school or life. Either way you'll be seeing a lot of content from me. Subscribe if you want to get updated whenever I upload and thanks for all your support! ---------------------------------- YOUTUBE Goals 50 SUBSCRIBERS: ✔️ 6/4/2016 100 SUBSCRIBERS✔️ 6/19/2016 200 SUBSCRIBERS ✔️ 6/30/2016 300 SUBSCRIBERS ✔️ 7/8/2016 500 SUBSCRIBERS ✔️ 7/24/2016 1000 SUBSCRIBERS ✔️ 8/25/2016