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Hello awesome people how are you doing so you probably came here to read my long story about youtube and why/how i started youtube. the main reason was when i watched so many youtube videos and i really loved how youtube works, youtube was never easy for me from the first day i started til now, it's always been a hard journey and i still find it hard. information about me: My name is mohammed from palestine and i'm 16 and half years old, a gamer and a tutorials lover. i love to make tutorials and sometimes gaming videos. My Channel: My channel is all about Tutorials and gaming videos, i love to do both so that's why they're combined in 1 channel. Join the squad: I'd love to have you on my squad rolling with the hashtag #TeamM7 so make sure you subscribe and you'll be a member of my squad My Life goals: My Life goals are reaching 1,000 subscribers and i hope i achieve that, also getting more known on youtube. Thank you and welcome to my channel.